About Us



Mauriflex (Flexo Printing & Packaging) Ltd is a manufacturing company that has been established in January 2012 and started its operations as from January 2013. It is located at the SLDC Industrial Zone at La Tour Koenig, Pointe aux Sables on a 9500 square meters plot and with approximately 3000 square meters of production area.

The company was initially set up to provide the best possible flexographic printing on various flexible substrates. However, once started and with pressing demands from customers the needs for finished products such as sachets, pouches, bags, etc., prompted for investments in additional equipment to cater for such products. We are now in a position to offer a variety of different services and products such as:

  • In-house prepress, design services and finished polymer plates
  • Surface printed wrappers
  • Laminates with various substrates
  • Various types of bags, sachets and pouches for all type of commodities
  • Paper and pressure sensitive labels
  • Paper bags
  • Shrink and wrap sleeves

Our aim is to produce quality-packaging material for our customers, to their utmost satisfaction while focusing our efforts to reduce costs and continuously improving our quality.

Mauriflex was mainly focusing on export but with the quality and competitiveness of its products, it has managed to successfully penetrate the local market which is growing at a very fast pace.

We are presently exporting to Madagascar and Reunion Island due to the fact that there are very good demands in these countries for the products currently manufactured by us. We have now secured a good port-folio of customers with regular repeat orders from them. Our next objective is to develop as fast as possible the regional and the eastern African markets.

We have also set up our sister company in Madagascar, Madaflex; the objective being to allow us to be closer to customers and more present on the market.